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13th November, 2017.

Star Fresh is currently closed (until further notice) and not servicing clients due to a breakdown in the Australian system.

A gradual deterioration in business conditions has resulted due to criminal activity in the Phillip Island region. This includes non payment of invoices by venues and chefs and dysfunctional behaviour by Australian Government agencies.

Specifically, Vic Roads, The ATO, ASIC, Civic Compliance and the law courts are not functional and Star Fresh has been unable to get resolutions on specific issues that have affected our operations. We have been able to get the law courts to accept cases for restitution.

As such, we do not consider Australia to be currently run by a legitimate government nor do we consider it a place to be able to conduct business.

Australian Melons

Australian Melons

Celebrate Australia Day with beautiful Australian melons. Incorporate watermelon, honeydew melons and rock melons into your menu on a fruit platter, in desserts, cakes, tarts, a squid watermelon salad, melon sorbets, granitas or gelati, chicken and honeydew salad, watermelon soju cocktail, with seafood, meat dishes or in a smoothies with ice cream or yoghurt.

Australian girl at Phillip Island with the Australian Flag

Sago Honeydew Melon

Step 1: Boil Sago until crystal clear

Step 2:  Cut honeydew pieces and blend until turned into a puree

Step 3: Boil palm sugar until a liquid form

Step 4: Chill honeydew puree, palm sugar and sago.

Step 4: When ready to serve place sago in a bowl, add a spoon of palm sugar and lace with coconut cream

Step 5:  Garnish with mint and strawberries

Step 6:  (Optional) To give an extra kick add one shot of Midori

Beautiful Surfer girl at Phillip Island

Blood Oranges

blood oranges and blood orange juice

Blood oranges are a fantastic fruit to use on the summer menu. Use blood orange juice as a cocktail mixer. A champagne cocktail at sunset or a vodka blood orange juice is a nice way to start the evening.

beautiful Phillip Island Beach

Beautiful Beach At Phillip Island

You can use blood oranges to compliment a fruit platter, in a salad with beetroot or fennel and shaved beef, in cakes, biscuits, blood orange cheese cake, tarts, salsa’s, blood orange sorbet or ice cream, in muffins, in a dark chocolate blood orange cookie or in a blood orange chocolate mousse. Come up with your own way to use blood oranges in entrees, specials or main course dishes.

Visit the Penguins at Phillip Island

Visit the Penguins at Phillip Island



Fresh cherries are now in season and are perfect to use on the menu over the Christmas holiday season. Cherries can be used in salads, served with duck, used in cakes, deserts, slices, crumbles, pies, glazes and sauces, served with cream or ice cream or combined with stone fruit on fruit platters. There are literally countless ways to use the cherry fruit.

santa serving cupcakes

Santa Serving Cherry Cupcakes!

Happy Halloween

Jack O' Lantern on White



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