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pomegranatesPomegranates, a less well known exotic fruit are available in trays for venues looking for a current seasonal fruit. You can use the edible portion of the fruit in desserts or as an exotic ingredient in a salad. Ripen the fruit at room temperature or store the pomegranate in the fridge for a crisper finish.

Nashi Pear

Nashi pears

Fresh nashi pears are now available in trays.

Nashi fruit can be used in desserts, eaten fresh, added to a fruit salad or served with a cheese platter.

Rich in vitamin C and a great source of dietary fibre, the nashi pear should be ripened at room temperature or stored in the refigerator for a short time for that added extra crispness.

Culinary suggestion:

Try nashi pears poached in cointreau or port wine and served with a rich vanilla bean ice cream


Nashi pears poached with a cinnamon sticks, caramelized with brown sugar and butter, a hint of black pepper and served with vanilla ice cream.


MadarinesMandarines are now in season and available in box quantity or kilogram quantities.

Mandarines are best eaten fresh, as part of a fruit salad or incorporated into
cakes, desserts, cocktails or even meat dishes.

They are best stored at temperatures between 7-10 degrees celcius.

Make an enquiry thorugh Star Fresh to learn more or put them on your
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