Australian Melons

Australian Melons

Celebrate Australia Day with beautiful Australian melons. Incorporate watermelon, honeydew melons and rock melons into your menu on a fruit platter, in desserts, cakes, tarts, a squid watermelon salad, melon sorbets, granitas or gelati, chicken and honeydew salad, watermelon soju cocktail, with seafood, meat dishes or in a smoothies with ice cream or yoghurt.

Australian girl at Phillip Island with the Australian Flag

Sago Honeydew Melon

Step 1: Boil Sago until crystal clear

Step 2:  Cut honeydew pieces and blend until turned into a puree

Step 3: Boil palm sugar until a liquid form

Step 4: Chill honeydew puree, palm sugar and sago.

Step 4: When ready to serve place sago in a bowl, add a spoon of palm sugar and lace with coconut cream

Step 5:  Garnish with mint and strawberries

Step 6:  (Optional) To give an extra kick add one shot of Midori

Beautiful Surfer girl at Phillip Island

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