Melbourne Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable News

Melbourne Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable News 8/5/2012

Watercress availability has been patchy due to rain shredding the produce. There
has been some bunches around but the quality isn’t great. Slippery Jack mushrooms
are also not available. Baby turnips have also been scarce and difficult to source.
New season potatoes are filtering through but are more pricey than the old season stock.
Strawberries are very expensive and tomatoes are up considerably in price this week.
Yellow pear tomatoes are not likely to be available for three weeks until new stock
arrives from Queensland. If you are looking for exotic mushrooms then pine mushrooms
are your best bet. Brussel sprouts are a nice alternative for seasonal green
vegetables. Mandarins are good buying if you are after new season fruit.

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