The Great Australian pineapple is a very versatile fruit which is available all year round and can be used in countless ways. The pineapple fruit is fantastic in a salad, on a pizza, when combined in fried rice, in cakes, puddings, biscuits and cut and consumed on its own. You can also make chutney’s, salsa’s, use pineapple in curries, kebabs, sauces and sandwiches, juices and cocktails. Pineapples should be stored outside the cool room when uncut because they are very susceptible to chilling injury. Once cut you can store in a plastic container inside the fridge or cool room. The pineapple contains a high level of vitamin C and is also a great digestive aid. With the main supply period between September and November, and the weather warming up, pineapples are a great fruit to incorporate into your menu.

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