Salad Mix Preparation

salad mix

Over the last few weeks the heat has resulted in a higher number of bugs than usual appearing in the finished product (all suppliers). It is important that chefs and venues realise that occasionally this can happen if the sprays become less effective in the warmer weather and the washing equipment doesn’t remove all the debris from the salad mix. All salad mixes do carry a message clearly displayed on the box that the leaves are meant to be washed prior to use. There is a perception in the industry that you can simply open the box and serve the salad leaves immediately. It is an important part of preparation to always wash the leaves. This can be accomplished by using a simple salad mix spinner or by placing the contents of the box into a sink of water. When the leaves are pushed to the bottom and released they will float to the top and leave the debris behind. This will cleanse the leaves and result in a fresher and cleaner mesclun mix.

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